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Sonny Hashmi: GSA Follows Private Sector Trends to Handle Data

Sonny Hashmi
Sonny Hashmi

Sonny Hashmi, chief information officer of the General Services Administration, has outlined how the agency adopts trends from the private sector to manage the data it collects, the Washington Post reported Friday.

Hashmi also called on other federal government agencies during a conference in Washington to take their cues from private businesses on how to handle data, Mohana Ravindranath reports.

He cited GSA’s ongoing project as an example in work to help government agencies evaluate products and services with reviews and pricing information before they plan on acquisitions, according to the report.

Hashmi also said the agency is developing a portal through which agencies are able to search and monitor the amount they have paid for products and services, the Post reports.

Defense Information Systems Agency CIO David Bennett, Air Force CIO Frank Konieczny and National Security Agency Compliance Director John Delong also presented their agencies’ respective projects at the conference.

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