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Stuart Timerman: DISA Plans to Award 7 Contracts for Spectrum Support Services

CellTowerThe Defense Information System Agency expects to issue seven contracts through the third quarter of 2015 for support work at the agency’s spectrum arm, Fedscoop reported Monday.

Greg Otto writes that DISA’s Defense Spectrum Organization will seek industry help to implement a web-based spectrum management platform, conduct electromagnetic analyses and test cell towers at military bases, among other mission activities.

DISA held a forecast-to-industry event to discuss the plans, where DSO Director Stuart Timerman addressed the government’s work to balance spectrum access for military, federal and commercial organizations.

“In order to be able to allow future use of commercial wireless [spectrum], as well as DOD’s requirements in the future, we have to learn how to evolve and how to utilize the spectrum much more robustly than we currently do,” Timerman said, according to Fedscoop.

Otto reports that DSO also plans to participate in the 2015 World Radiocommunication Conference, an international discussion of spectrum and defense satellite usage policies.

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