Tiffany Hixson: GSA to Halt New Services Schedule Entries in Consolidation Move

Tiffany Hixson
Tiffany Hixson

The General Services Administration has suspended the entry of new vendors into its seven contract schedules for professional services as part of program reforms led by Tiffany Hixson, Federal News Radio reported Thursday.

Jason Miller reports that Hixson, professional services category executive at GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service, said the suspension period could last for up to six months as the agency looks into consolidating the schedules.

Hixson told the station that GSA hopes to have less than three professional services schedules and possibly add a logistics multiple-award contract vehicle and data analytics as a value-added GSA service for federal agencies.

“We’ve got a team of folks working through when the expirations are happening for the existing schedule contracts, how do we consolidate those in a time-phased approach so we are not setting ourselves up for a huge administrative burden when it comes time to exercise options or award new contracts?” Hixson said.

The data visualization tool GSA is testing with the Transportation Department is designed to map buying trends based on data from the Federal Procurement Data System, the report said.

Hixson said officials can use those insights to help shape their contract structure and guide their acquisition practices.

Miller notes that some of the program changes will also address concerns about costs to use and administer the schedules.

“We are looking at maybe a tiered fee structure approach, a similar [memorandum of understanding] approach that we’ve got for the Air Force and OASIS, and expanding that into the schedules environment,” Hixson said.

“We also have been looking and have used some other models for supporting federal agencies that have a good amount of spend through our contract vehicles,” she added.

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