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Tiffany Hixson: GSA to Use ‘Parallel’ Method, Not Halt Services Schedule Addition

Tiffany Hixson
Tiffany Hixson

The General Services Administration has decided against a temporary halt to additions on the agency’s services schedules as it seeks to refresh and consolidate the schedules, GSA’s Tiffany Hixson has told Federal News Radio.

Hixson, professional services category executive at GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service, told the station that all new vendors will have to apply for a position on the consolidated schedule instead of the current crop of professional services contracts.

“What we decided to do is open the new professional services schedule at the same time that we are going to be transitioning our existing schedules to our new contract environment,” Hixson told Federal News Radio.

The new consolidated schedule should be ready by March, Hixson said.

“Once we’ve worked with industry over the next six months to get their feedback on the number of schedules we need to have, we are optimally looking to have one services schedule, but may end up with two or three.”

“Once we work through that with industry, we will be able to open the new solicitation based on what that acquisition strategy looks like.”

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