Alan Shaffer: Pentagon Seeks to Build New Technologies with Allies

Alan Shaffer
Alan Shaffer

Defense Department leader has outlined his work to partner the U.S.military with allied nations on developing new technologies in a move to minimize costs, Defense News reported Wednesday.

Alan Shaffer, assistant secretary of defense for research and engineering, told the National Press Club in Washington that he is formulating strategies to reduce the costs of building new tools through U.S. alliances, Paul McLeary reports.

The U.S. and its allies would share battlefield information under the shared technology development concept, according to the report.

Shaffer said the shared approach would call for systems integration and reliance between the U.S. and its partners, Defense News reports.

McLeary  writes the U.S. Army, Marine Corps and a British mechanized brigade headquarters jointly assessed new communications technologies in the spring with the goal of sharing experimental results.

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