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Capt. Michael Abreu: NGEN to Serve as Model for Other DoD Agencies

Capt. Michael Abreu
Capt. Michael Abreu

Capt. Michael Abreu, the program manager overseeing the migration of the U.S. Navy‘s intranet to the Next Generation Enterprise Network, believes that it could serve as a model for other Defense Department organizations, FCW reported Wednesday.

Sean Lyngaas writes that Abreu outlined the service’s approach to an IT services management model based on best practices from the IT Infrastructure Library.

The Navy has already converted 74 percent of an estimated 300,000 computer stations from the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet toward the government-owned NGEN system that is supported by lead contractor HP, Lyngaas reports.

Lyngaas adds that the Navy has also deployed tools for managing network traffic and synchronized email address lists across the armed services.

Abreu has also pointed to a “tech refresh plan” to ensure that there will be no service disruptions during the migration.

“[It is important] for us to take a hard look at how we’re touching the pieces of the infrastructure, do that with system engineering rigor, to make sure that whatever we do, we do it in a controlled fashion so it doesn’t disrupt any of the user experience moving forward,” Abreu told FCW.

The $3.5 billion NGEN is scheduled to be available for use beginning in October, the report said.

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