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DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson Urges Passage of Cyber Bill to Safeguard Critical Infrastructure

Jeh Johnson
Jeh Johnson

Congress should move swiftly and pass a bill that would bolster the nation’s cybersecurity before lawmakers adjourn for midterm campaigning, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson writes in an opinion piece for The Hill newspaper.

Johnson says cyber-dependent systems are vulnerable to data theft, espionage and disruptive attacks, and needs protection against threat actors.

There is a bipartisan consensus on measures designed to codify DHS’ cyber authority, expand the federal cybersecurity workforce and allow private-public sector exchange of data to safeguard infrastructure, according to Johnson.

Johnson writes the House has passed the National Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection Act, while the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has moved to advance several cyber-related bills.

“In the few legislative days left, I urge Congress to, at the very least, pass the provisions of cyber legislation for which there is bipartisan consensus, while we continue to work on outstanding areas of disagreement,” he stated.

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