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DISA’s David Bennett Outlines Gov’t Cloud Adoption Challenges

David Bennett
David Bennett

David Bennett, chief information officer of the Defense Information Systems Agency, sought to raise some caution for other CIOs and agencies to consider when they migrate data and applications to cloud environments, CIO reported Friday.

He also outlined security challenges facing the government’s cloud initiatives and highlighted continuous monitoring as an important factor for cloud deployment, Kenneth Corbin reports.

Bennett urged CIOs during a conference to take precautions when choosing data sources and other assets to move into remotely hosted and managed platforms, according to the report.

“There’s just some things we aren’t going to put out in the commercial space,” he said.

He highlighted nuclear command and control as an area he believes should stay within the perimeter of the agency, the report says.

Bennett also cited other technical challenges of moving into commercial cloud environments, CIO reports.

“It’s not a technology issue. It’s a mindset issue,” he told the conference.

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