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GAO Calls for Additional Revocation Process Oversight at DHS, DOD, ODNI

GAOThe Government Accountability Office has urged the the Defense and Homeland Security Departments and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to implement additional oversight of their personnel security revocation process.

GAO said Sept. 8 that it found inconsistencies in how the three departments monitor data related to the number of employees who received security clearance revocation proposal.

“Inconsistent implementation of the requirements in the governing executive orders by DHS, DoD and some of their components, and limited oversight over the revocation process, have resulted in some employees experiencing different protections and processes than other employees” GAO said.

The agency said these inconsistencies could result in employees with revoked clearances not receiving employment outcomes such as reassignment or termination.

“Further, most components could not readily ascertain employment outcomes of individuals with revoked clearances because these data are not readily available, and communication between personnel security and human capital offices at the departments varies,” GAO said.

The ODNI also did not establish performance measures for government-wide processes in order to identify the policies and procedures that must be consistent, according to GAO.

The number of eligible employees exceeded the total number of employees in five DoD components as well, GAO said.

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