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Dyke Weatherington: DoD Eyes Industry Teamwork to Stay Ahead of Adversaries

Dyke Weatherington
Dyke Weatherington

The Defense Department plans to partner with industry to build on the U.S. technological advantage and Dyke Weatherington also indicated that low budget projections could hinder defense spending on current and future investments.

“There are folks trying to find an asymmetric capability against us, and they’re spending big bucks to get there . . . so our challenge is to stay ahead of them,” the director of unmanned warfare and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance said Friday.

Amaani Lyle reported for DoD News that Weatherington spoke at the recent Defense Innovation Days conference of the Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance about the private sector’s part in DoD programs.

“At every turn, industry rose to the challenge and exceeded DoD’s expectations when we asked for help,” Weatherington said.

“DoD needs your help, and we need to partner with you at every level in that technology development process.”

He noted that DoD continues to pursue innovation despite the budget outlook by making changes to its acquisition and budget processes.

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