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GAO: DoD Should Re-Examine Joint Basing Goals, Direction, Functions for Consolidation

GAOThe Government Accountability Office has recommended that the Defense Department re-examine its program for establishing joint bases due to challenges in consolidating functions identified in a recent survey of 11 joint bases.

GAO posted Friday a summary of the survey findings, which called for a review the installation-support functions suitable for consolidation as well as the potential challenges after consolidation.

“The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and military service officials have not evaluated which functions are still suitable for consolidation or taken policy actions to address any challenges resulting from consolidation,”the report says.

The findings also indicate that joint bases do not consolidate all installation-support functions and that they have experienced progress in generating cost savings and achieving efficiencies.

GAO noted that DoD does not collect data on cost savings due to joint basing and that the Office of the Secretary of Defense should collaborate with military service officials to determine if the joint basing goals are still appropriate or need to be updated.

“Without a collaborative evaluation of the joint basing program by OSD and military service officials to determine if the goals remain appropriate—and without additional direction to help meet reporting requirements—it will be difficult for DOD to determine the extent to which the joint basing initiative is achieving its intended goals,” GAO said.

GAO also urged Congress to potentially mandate DoD to perform the reevaluation of goals and the direction of joint basing as a follow-up to recommendations GAO made to DoD in 2012.

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