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Gen. Philip Breedlove: NATO Looking Into Long-Term Measures Against Russia

Gen. Philip Breedlove
Gen. Philip Breedlove

Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove, NATO’s supreme allied commander for Europe, has noted that the organization is both a military and political alliance and will be involved as such to address the conflict in Ukraine.

Breedlove, who is currently attending the NATO summit in Wales, has indicated that member nations will be taking both political and defensive measures against Russia following its takeover of Crimea in eastern Ukraine, Jim Garamone reported Thursday for DoD News.

“I think what you will see from the summit is that NATO, among other European nations, will begin to take even more strident measures if we continue to see the overt Russian business being done inside a sovereign Ukraine nation,” Breedlove told National Public Radio in the interview cited by Garamone.

Garamone reports that NATO has started military patrols and exercises and will be looking to extend them and eventually establish long-term measures.

These acts will be part of a readiness action plan that covers the deployment of forward-based forces, the report said.

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