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Gen. Ray Odierno: Congress Should Rethink Defense Spending Cuts

Gen. Ray Odierno
Gen. Ray Odierno

The U.S. Army’s top uniformed officer believes Congress needs to think twice about implementing deeper cuts to defense budget in the face of global security threats, Reuters reported Wednesday.

Adrian Croft writes Gen. Ray Odierno said Wednesday the Army will have to further downsize active-duty troops if automatic spending reductions persist.

“With a deteriorating security situation around the world, I think it’s time to … really take a hard look at whether we should continue with sequestration,” Odierno told reporters at the Conference of European Armies in Germany.

“I think that is a debate that it is absolutely essential to have over the next year,” he added, according to Reuters.

Defense and industry executives have been urging Congress to rethink its stance on sequestration amid concerns over the Islamic State’s activity as well as Russian actions in Europe.

“Sequestration has been a challenge,” said Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell, commanding general of U.S. Army Europe, according to Croft’s article.

“It will continue to be if it stays on the books and is not changed by our Congress,” Campbell added.

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