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House OKs Stopgap Funding Bill in 319-108 Vote

Capitol_BuildingThe House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution by a 319-108 bipartisan vote Wednesday to fund the federal government through Dec. 16, Reuters reported  Wednesday.

David Lawder writes the $1-trillion legislation would extend the charter of the U.S. Export-Import Bank for nine months, as well as authorize the Pentagon to equip and train moderate Syrian rebels who are fighting Islamic militants.

House lawmakers set aside a $88 million budget for drug development and medical initiatives to stop the Ebola outbreak, according to Reuters.

Lawder reports the chamber also included a provision to establish a flexible funding source for border security, immigration enforcement and detention space management efforts.

Additionally, the bill proposes an extension to an Internet-access tax moratorium until Dec. 11, according to Lawder’s article.

Senators are scheduled to review the House-approved CR on Thursday.

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