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James Clapper, ODNI Unveil 4-Year National Intelligence Strategy

James Clapper
James Clapper

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has released a draft of its latest strategy that seeks to set the intelligence community’s priorities and objectives over the next four years.

ODNI’s strategy highlights an emphasis on resources for acquisitions and operations based on existing and future budgets, the office said Thursday.

“Intelligence integration is a journey, not an end state, and The National Intelligence Strategy is another way to promote the integration of the 17 Intelligence Community components, which has been my major theme for the past four years,” said James Clapper, national intelligence director.

The strategy cites the loss of data and limited budgets, among others, as factors that could affect the IC’s capabilities.

Clapper outlined how ODNI plans to achieve its strategic intelligence, anticipatory intelligence, current operations, cyber intelligence, counterterrorism, counterproliferation and counterintelligence objectives.

He also categorized integrated mission management, integrated enterprise management, information sharing and safeguarding and innovation, among others, as ODNI’s enterprise objectives.

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