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James Comey: Counterterrorism is Top Priority for FBI

James-ComeyFBI Director James Comey said the bureau has been prioritizing anti-terror measures to confront a changing security threat landscape, azcentral.com reported Wednesday.

Paul Giblin writes Comey met with FBI staff, law enforcement officials and the media at the bureau’s Phoenix headquarters on the eve of the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

“We made a promise to the American people 13 years ago … that we would do everything we can to make sure that there was never an attack on American soil anywhere near as horrific as that,” Comey told reporters Wednesday.

“So we’re about that obligation, keeping that promise every single day.”

He observed that terrorist groups are now targeting lightly governed regions in the Arabian Gulf, Africa and the Mediterranean.

Comey also sees the emergence of homegrown violent extremists as a potential threat to national security.

“These are people who are never directed by al-Qaida or one of its progeny, but are able to be inspired and trained by the material they find on the Internet,” he added, according to Giblin’s article.

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