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Lt. Gen. Mark Bowman: Military Leaders Collaborate to Develop JIE C2 Framework

Mark-BowmanLt. Gen. Mark Bowman, C4 director and chief information officer for the Joint Staff, has said senior military leaders are working to shape the command and control strategy of the Joint Information Environment.

He discussed the Pentagon’s JIE program at the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association-hosted TechNet Augusta 2014 forum, AFCEA International said Friday.

“We need to have this C2 construct — how we’re going to run the network — decided and implemented no later than first quarter, fiscal year 2015,” Bowman told his audience.

Army CIO Lt. Gen. Robert Ferrell said the branch has been working on a road map toward JIE network implementation by 2025.

Farrell added the framework will include moving Army data center services to Defense Information Systems Agency-run facilities.

Bowman has also bared that DISA is no longer the cloud service broker for the Pentagon.

“People can do a business case analysis and decide where they want to go to get their cloud support, if someone can figure out the secret sauce on how to get it cheaper,” he stated.

“It has to be provided to the right security standards, and it will have to be checked.”

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