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Matt Hampton: FAA, Industry at ‘Pivot Point’ in NextGen Program

AirportRunwayThe Federal Aviation Administration has stepped up its collaboration with industry to further the development of the Next Generation air transportation system, Fedscoop reported Tuesday.

Matt Hampton, the Transportation Department’s assistant inspector general for aviation audits, told a summit that NextGen is in a “kind of at a pivot point” and that the department has come up with “a much firmer set of priorities,” Jake Williams reports.

Paul Rinaldi, president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, also said the air transportation system needs a stable funding structure to achieve full operation, according to the report.

The FAA has partially deployed the NextGen system in at least 1,600 airports across the country, the report says.

Steve Dickson, senior vice president of flight operations for Delta Airlines, told the summit the private sector has worked with the FAA and the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics’ NextGen advisory committee to develop an engagement model, Fedscoop reports.

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