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Mike Whitaker: FAA, Aviation Industry to Discuss ‘Next-Gen’ Avionics Mandate

Michael Whitaker
Michael Whitaker

Mike Whitaker, deputy administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, has urged the aviation industry to equip aircraft with the Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast Out system by 2020 to foster “next-generation” avionics.

The FAA said Sept. 18 that it will confer with industry leaders on Oct. 28 to address concerns over the mandate as the ageency to upgrade the National Airspace System from one that relies on ground-based radars to a system that utilizes satellite-based GPS technology.

“It is time for all users of the national airspace – avionics suppliers, aircraft integrators, operators and installers – to work together to ensure that all aircraft flying in controlled airspace are equipped with these NextGen avionics,” said Whitaker.

“The full benefits of increased safety and efficiency of the national airspace depend on 100 percent equipage.”

The FAA wants the ADS-B Out system to help with aircraft positioning and traffic control functions, as well as situational awareness and monitoring coverage among pilots and controllers.

The agency said it has finished deploying 634 radio stations to form the ADS-B ground infrastructure.

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