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Paul Mandell: Government CIOs ‘Challenged’ in IT Resource Access

Paul Mandell

Consero Group has released the results of a survey that indicates half of respondent chief information officers at federal, state and local government agencies find their information technology infrastructures to be insufficient.

The 2014 Government IT Data Survey shows that 62 percent of government CIOs also reported lack of resources to execute their functions, Consero Group said Monday.

“Despite recent increases in their budgets, government CIOs remain challenged in their access to resources and are more dissatisfied with the IT infrastructure that serves their community’s constituents,” said Paul Mandell, founder and CEO of Consero.

“As government CIOs face increasingly formidable challenges, this is an area of concern, and these executives will require greater levels of support to execute their function successfully,” added Mandell.

Fifty-three percent of respondents also said their IT infrastructure is under-prepared for cyber attacks.

Forty-seven percent of CIOs cited cloud computing as the largest area of exploration and 70 percent reported that their agency aims to deliver services through technology in 2014.

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