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Rebecca Williams to Head Open Data Initiatives for Data.gov

Rebecca Williams
Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams says she will focus public-private partnerships and strategies to drive feedback and awareness on open data initiatives for Data.gov at the General Services Administration.

Williams, a former policy analyst at open government advocacy group Sunlight Foundation, said in a blog post published Tuesday that she aims to help governments apply open data and resources.

She said governments should have “standards, reliable updates, and coordinated policies,” as well as awareness of data release practices that are used beyond a government’s jurisdiction as hindrances to innovation.

“I’d like to better facilitate public private partnerships where possible, and help implement a better public feedback strategy,” she said.

She said governments are increasingly adopting open data practices but there is still room for more open data activity as stakeholders seek to address the need to balance between transparency and security or privacy concerns.

“I’d also like to identify strategies to help agencies comply with the open data policy, as well as ways to better showcase impacts that are powered by open government data,” Williams said.

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