Rolf von Roessing: New ISACA Cyber Audit/Assurance Program to Highlight Resilience

cybersecurityISACA will release an audit and assurance program on cybersecurity in October as Forfa‘s Rolf von Roessing highlighted a growing emphasis of cybersecurity-related governance and policy in Europe, GovInfoSecurity reported Tuesday.

“[We] proceeded to developing a European view on cybersecurity . . . to make sure that for the European users, we have an answer to the new questions that have arisen as part of legislation, regulation and the general landscape,” von Roessing, Forfa president, told the publication.

Mathew Schwartz reports that the new program will work alongside the COBIT 5 framework on IT management and governance to support an organization’s governance, risk and compliance activities.

ISACA partnered with the International Standards Organization, ENISA and other entities to develop the new cybersecurity guidance, with von Roessing as lead author.

The report said the guidance focuses on cyber risks, governance requirements and resilience.

Von Roessing noted that organizations are now addressing business continuity and disaster recovery concerns as risks have expanded from the physical to include information security risks.

Von Roessing indicates that ISACA plans to work on country-specific cybersecurity guidance based on the European country’s existing rules and regulations.

“[Countries] obviously have different requirements, a different outlook, and then they will shape their cybersecurity strategies accordingly,” he says.

“They will follow the EU strategy, in broad terms, but they will obviously put a bit more detail into it to reflect the situation and what’s happening in their countries.”

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