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Senate Confirms Anne Rung as OFPP Administrator

AnneRungAnne Rung was approved by the Senate on a voice vote Thursday to lead the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, Federal News Radio reported Thursday.

Jason Miller writes Rung has served as an Office of Management and Budget senior adviser since late May and was nominated to the OFPP administrator post in July.

Acquisition experts believe Rung will use her previous management experience at the General Services Administration and Commerce Department to help the government make buying decisions in her OFPP role.

“I worked with her when she first came into the federal government at the Department of Commerce,” said Dan Gordon, who previously served as OFPP administrator, according to the radio station.

“She was very focused there, based on her experience in state government in Pennsylvania, on buying smarter, and buying smarter is definitely a very high priority for improving the federal procurement system,” he added, according to Miller’s article.

Roger Waldron, Coalition for Government Procurement president, said Rung gained insights into interagency contracting and customer service during her time at the GSA.

He believes Rung should also consider holding workshops or training with contractors to discuss matters related to the commercial marketplace.

As OFPP head, she is expected to work on strategies aimed at strengthening the acquisition workforce and increasing the use of strategic sourcing across the government, according to the station.

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