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Adm. Michael Rogers: Gov’t-Industry Alliance Needed to Protect National Info Systems

Navy Adm. Michael Rogers
Navy Adm. Michael Rogers

Navy Adm. Michael Rogers, National Security Agency director and commander of U.S. Cyber Command, believes the government and industry must partner to secure the nation’s information systems, DoD News reported Wednesday.

Rogers told an audience at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Wednesday that the private sector and federal agencies need to form partnerships in order to protect critical U.S. infrastructure in an event of cyber attack as part of Cybercom’s missions, Claudette Roulo writes.

“Every day there are groups, individuals and nation-states attempting to penetrate our DoD networks, and it’s the same thing we’re seeing in the corporate world,” he said.

The admiral also noted the private sector’s concerns over legal duties when they partner with the government, Roulo reports.

“We have got to help remove those very legitimate concerns and address them, because in the end what we have got to get to, I believe, is real-time automated machine-to-machine interface,” Rogers told the audience.

He said information-sharing agreements between industry and the government must exclude privacy data and involve only “actionable information” that provides insights into the kind of malware attacking a network.

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