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Army Nat’l Guard Deploys Emergency Comm System for Interoperability

CellTowerThe Army National Guard is deploying the Disaster Incident Response Emergency Communications Terminal system to facilitate emergency communications interoperability among first responders with the goal to sustain Internet and phone operations during disasters.

Amy Walker wrote on Sept. 29 that DIRECT comprises a Delta Package and a Joint Network Node equipped with a Satellite Transportable Terminal and works to connect authorities, emergency managers and local responders via the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical Increment 1 network.

Other functions include voice cross-banding, radio bridging, 4G LTE/wireless connectivity and the Mission Network Enclave to interconnect military and commercial radio networks and landline or mobile devices as well as to link with commercial Internet, the report said.

The U.S. Army has already installed a commercial Internet and phone package at the Camp Roberts Regional Hub Node and expects to complete installation at four other RHNs within 2015.

DIRECT is an update to the Joint Incident Site Communication Capability and will be deployed to all National Guard units between the third quarter of fiscal year 2015 through fiscal 2020, Walker reports.

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