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BDNA’s Walker White: Big Data Security, Virtualization as Priorities for Gov’t IT

big dataWalker White, president of data quality company BDNA, predicts that big data security, virtualization and application rationalization will be top priorities for government enterprises in the new fiscal year.

He indicated that being able to justify what applications an agency should run to maintain and manage data libraries promotes the possibility of good spending habits and efficient service.

“[Information technology] leaders are quickly learning that application rationalization is a clear path toward shrinking their data center footprint, allowing them to remediate legacy applications and identify duplicative solutions,” White said in a Wednesday article for Government Security News.

Virtualization also reduces footprint space and maximizes the potential of an agency’s existing infrastructure, although a successful implementation would rely on a secure platform with a strong analysis and support team, he added.

“Lastly, cybersecurity is an aspect of IT that must constantly evolve to meet increasingly sophisticated threats,” White said.

“More than ever, organizations need to proactively identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities, which can run into the millions.”

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