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Dan Tangherlini: Agile Practices, Shared Workspace Among Potential Gov’t Reforms

Dan Tangherlini
Dan Tangherlini

Dan Tangherlini, administrator of the General Services Administration, told his audience at the recent ACT-IAC 2014 Executive Leadership Conference his plans for reform in government business practices, FCW reported Tuesday.

Adam Mazmanian writes that Tangherlini wants to encourage federal workers to take risk adopting new practices such as agile software development and a common acquisition platform to drive efficiencies.

The report said GSA has utilized its 18F program to lead this planned business transformation.

“We’re hoping that by having people who know how to code, know how to design, really are thoughtful of business process and the application of technology to it, that we can be a better consumer of information technology resources, and we can share that with other agencies,” Tangherlini said.

He is also looking into the possibility of federal agencies sharing the same office space to bolster customer interaction and interagency collaboration and enable shared utilities, Billy Mitchell of FedScoop reports.

“I’ve been in hundreds of federal buildings now, and I’m having a really hard time describing why one is so unique, why it’s so different from that one and they need to be separated,” Tangherlini said.

He noted that GSA has already put into practice the idea of a “liquid” workspace and that the agency could facilitate a potential governmentwide move by offering colocation and out-lease services.

Mitchell writes that this practice is comparable to the startup incubators and co-working space available in the private sector for small businesses.

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