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DoD, GSA, NASA Publish Final Rule on Federal Procurement Instrument ID System

acquisition policyThe Defense DepartmentGeneral Services Administration and NASA have released the final rule on establishing a uniform identification system to standardize procurement activities across government as part of amendments to the Federal Acquisition Regulation.

According to a document published Tuesday in the Federal Register, the procurement instrument identification system effective on Nov. 13 will utilize activity address codes as unique identifiers for federal procurement awards.

The final rule follows the publication of a proposed rule in June 2013 and a comment period ending two months later in response to a Government Accountability and Transparency Board recommendation to implement a uniform identification system for federal financial transactions.

Changes to the proposed rule that are included in this final rule are the result of public comments reviewed by the Civilian Agency Acquisition Council and the Defense Acquisition Regulations Council, the document stated.

It extended the deadline for federal agencies to complete transition to the PIID system to Oct. 1, 2017, and required the identifiers only for new solicitations and awards.

Other amendments address submitted agency concerns about system compatibility, applicability, contract modification numbering and limitations, implementation cost, language, contractor systems, assistance actions and the AACs.

The document also noted regulatory approaches to support cost and benefit analysis and a Final Regulatory Flexibility Analysis for the new system.

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