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DOE Cyber Vet Jim Mellander to Retire Next Month

Jim Mellander
Jim Mellander

Jim Mellander, a 14-year cybersecurity veteran of the U.S. Energy Department, will leave the agency on Nov. 1 to pursue his personal interests.

He serves as senior cybersecurity engineer at DOE’s National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center for the past five years and is affiliated with the agency’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory since 2000, NERSC said Wednesday.

Mellander has helped build a NERSC information technology system designed to analyze multiple cyber issues and developed new methods to protect supercomputers at the facility.

He also engaged in Berkeley Lab’s efforts to detect and examine breach incidents carried out by hackers who stole electronic credentials.

He is developer of security software programs such as the Update sniffer detection tool, Kazaa Obliterator for managing peer-to-peer network traffic and the Stomper platform designed to prevent unauthorized website access.

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