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Doug Wolfe Aims for Intell Agencies to Build Innovation Ecosystem in the Cloud

Doug Wolfe
Doug Wolfe

CIA Chief Information Officer Doug Wolfe said the agency’s new private cloud infrastructure works to help the intelligence community organize multiple workloads and offers computing capacity ahead of demand, GCN reported Tuesday.

Brian Robinson writes the CIA adopted an Amazon Web Services-hosted platform that is built to deliver on-demand cloud services across the IC.

“Right up front, I think people will be able to access and provision a test and development environment that will give them the opportunity to explore and develop things much more rapidly than in the past,” he told GCN.

He added the system is also intended to help intelligence organizations migrate or update applications to a cloud environment over time, according to the report.

Wolfe also aims for IC to build a technology ecosystem by using the AWS-designed cloud service.

“One of my really great hopes is that we set up an environment for innovation so we’ll be able to explore what can be automated, what can be done with machine-to-machine interactions and where humans need to be involved and can add value,” he told the publication.

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