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Eric Rosenbach: Pentagon to Show Other Countries US Cyber Response Intentions

Eric-RosenbachThe Defense Department wants to adopt strategies to deter cyber attacks by communicating to the world the U.S. government’s thought process in cybersecurity, Federal News Radio reported Friday.

Jared Serbu writes that is developing the deterrence strategy around four pillars such as transparency, response strategy, resiliency and denial of attacks.

Eric Rosenbach, assistant defense secretary for homeland defense and global security, told the Center for Strategic and International Studies that Pentagon wants to communicate its intentions on cyber attack responses to other countries, according to the report.

Rosenbach said the response “could be a demarche, it could be sanctions, it could be an indictment, it could be a public statement that this is unacceptable, something that we’ve done a lot more of in the last year in particular,” the station reports.

The Pentagon also seeks to deter cyber attacks by warning would-be attackers that their attempt would be unsuccessful and that their attacks would not be worth the cost, the station reports.

Serbu writes the DoD also wants to build up its network resiliency posture to support the denial strategy.

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