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Gen. Daniel Allyn: Army Readiness ‘Fragile’ Amid 2016 Sequestration Concerns

Gen. Daniel Allyn
Gen. Daniel Allyn

U.S. Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Daniel Allyn has stated his concerns about military force readiness as the possibility of another sequestration in 2016 continues to be a concern, Breaking Defense reported Monday.

“We’ve been able to build back much of the readiness that was lost due to sequestration in 2013, but that readiness is fragile,” he said at the 2014 conference of the Association of the United States Army.

Sydney Freedberg Jr. reports that the Army has been “rationing” its readiness resources, although Allyn said the service has committed to prioritize the Combat Training Centers.

Allyn, however, noted potential problems in home station training and preparedness for unexpected crises due to unpredictable or inadequate funding and resources if another sequestration pushes through.

“[You’re] facing with the dilemma of delaying the deployment of units to ensure they’re trained and ready, or sending them in unprepared, which we as leaders in the Army have promised not to do,” he said.

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