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GSA’s Eleni Reed: Smart Tech, Big Data, Analytics Key to Greener Gov’t

Eleni Reed

Chief Greening Officer Eleni Reed of the General Services Administration said smart technologies and big data analytics have roles to play in federal efforts to reduce power consumption and energy spending, Nextgov reported Thursday.

Frank Konkel writes Reed cited the agency’s Green Proving Ground initiative, which identifies and assesses sustainable technologies for possible deployment, as one of several programs geared toward energy efficiency in government.

Reed indicated that property managers and utility providers could also adopt GSA’s smart metering platform, which allows the department to tap into the power consumption data of more than 400 federal buildings across the country in real time.

“Property managers can identify spikes and analyze trends, year after year, and take action to correct,” Reed said.

GSA indicated that technologies that have undergone GPG evaluation include power strips to control plug loads, integrated daylighting systems and electrochromatic/thermochromatic windows for buildings, condensing boilers and variable speed maglev chillers for HVACs, photovoltaic systems for on-site energy generation and wireless sensor networks for data centers.

Twenty-six other tools are under review, according to the agency’s proving ground website.

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