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Heidi Shyu: Army’s Tactical Vehicle Acquisition Program is ‘High Priority’

Heidi Shyu
Heidi Shyu

The U.S. Army has placed a “high priority” on developing joint light tactical vehicles to replace part of the service’s Humvee fleet, DoD Buzz reported Wednesday.

Brendan McGarry writes Heidi Shyu, Army assistant secretary for acquisition, logistics and technology, said Tuesday the branch considers JLTV a key acquisition program despite budget uncertainty.

“JLTV right now is high priority for us, so not currently being targeted, but we don’t know how bad our cuts are going to be,” she told her audience at an Association of the United States Army-hosted panel discussion Tuesday.

“At this point, in the president’s budget, it looks fine,” she added, according to DoD Buzz.

McGarry reports the Army and the Marine Corps plan to issue their formal request for bids for the JLTV production contract in early November.

The Pentagon estimates the project’s cost to be nearly $23 billion, with a price per unit of $400,000.

JLTV offerings from Lockheed Martin, Oshkosh and AM General were on display at the AUSA exposition.

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