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Knud Bartels: NATO Wants Industry’s Help to Adopt Common Architectures

Gen. Knud Bartels

Danish army Gen. Knud Bartels, chairman of NATO’s defense committee, has called on defense industries in allied nations to boost cooperation with the alliance as military budgets continue to decline worldwide, Defense News reported Thursday.

Bartels told reporters at a Defense Writers Group breakfast that NATO plans to purchase munitions in large orders for joint military operations with partners, Aaron Mehta reports.

He also urged industrial partners to collaborate with NATO and develop common architectures for military systems NATO forces could use for their missions, according to the report.

“I hope the military industries of all allies would maybe just move slightly beyond the point of just having profits, and also look at what is their long-term interests, which is capable forces of the alliance,” Bartels said.

He cited a GPS-guided bomb design that works on different alliance aircraft as an example of an interoperable munition across military services, Defense News reports.

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