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Michael Daniel: Internet of Things Presents Challenge, Opportunity

Michael Daniel
Michael Daniel

White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel said the explosion of technology around the Internet of Things presents challenges as well as opportunities for the government from a cyber point of view, Nextgov reported Wednesday.

The special assistant to the president cited a report that found the frequency of machine-to-machine communications has now exceeded those between humans, a trend he said would only continue to persist.

“You’re going to connect all of these wildly different devices with wildly different functionality with just really incredibly varying functions and software and capabilities, …[introducing] a level of complexity that we’ve never really experienced before,” Daniel told Jack Moore and Camille Tuutti in an interview for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Harnessing the technologies that make IoT work – for instance, configuring sensor networks to detect an incoming malware attack – is just one of the “interesting opportunities” that the emerging industry offers, he added.

Daniel also indicated that legislation could be a key factor in making sure security is considered in IoT development.

“We understand the issues surrounding the necessity of cybersecurity in a much different way than we did when we were originally building the Internet and the World Wide Web,” he told Moore and Tuutti.

“And so, I do think that people will be more cognizant of — and hopefully we can push some policies that can help support — building security in from the beginning of a lot of the Internet of Things and make it better to start with.”

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