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Nat’l Archivist David Ferriero Issues Email Electronic Mgmt Guidance

David Ferriero

David Ferriero, the U.S.’ archivist and head of the National Archives and Records Administration, has issued a bulletin that details several deadlines for government agencies in the area of email management.

Federal agencies must manage permanent and temporary email records in electronic format by Dec. 31 , 2016, and all permanent electronic records by Dec. 31 , 2019 under the Office of Management and Budget and NARA’s joint 2012 directive, Ferriero said Sept. 15.

Ferriero called on agencies to implement policies to identify emails for federal recordkeeping and file those emails in agency recordkeeping systems.

NARA intends for the email guidance to assist agency employees in fulfilling their roles in email management.

NARA also recommends agencies adopt rules-based records management policies such as the Capstone approach.

Agency records officers must also obtain a NARA certificate of federal records management training by Dec. 31, 2014, as required by the OMB and NARA directive.


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