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Nat’l Science Foundation Issues $5M Grant for Tech to Support Data-Intensive Analysis

big dataThe National Science Foundation has awarded a $5 million grant to a team led by Indiana University to develop analytics technology that will support high-volume and dynamic data across the cyberinfrastructure.

NSF said the project aims to leverage high-performance computing and the commercial Apache Big Data Stack to design and deploy a Middleware for Data-Intensive Analytics and Science and a Scalable Parallel Interoperable Data Analytics Library to facilitate data-intensive analysis.

Through these offerings, the foundation said it seeks to address data analysis challenges in areas such as biomolecular simulations, spatial geographical information systems and pathology informatics.

Amy Walton, a program director at NSF’s Division of Advanced CyberInfrastructure, will manage the project and work with principal investigator Geoffrey Fox and co-principal investigators Fusheng Wang, Judy Qiu, Shantenu Jha and Madhav Marathe.

The project includes annual workshops with scientists and educators and will run through the end of September 2019.

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