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Sylvia Burwell: HHS Partners with Clinicians for $840M Pro-Patient Initiative

Sylvia Matthews Burwell
Sylvia Matthews Burwell

The Department of Health and Human Services has earmarked $840 million to help healthcare providers realign their clinical practices toward a more patient-centered approach.

“The administration is partnering with clinicians to find better ways to deliver care, pay providers and distribute information to improve the quality of care we receive and spend our nation’s dollars more wisely,” HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell said Thursday.

“We all have a stake in achieving these goals and delivering for patients, providers and taxpayers alike.”

HHS projects the fund will support up to 150,000 clinicians over a four-year run through incentives, tools and knowledge that focus on improving patient health outcomes.

The agency said healthcare systems, medical provider associations and group practices are all eligible to apply.

Among the new strategies the department proposes participants can initiate include increasing electronic health records use, encouraging greater collaboration and partnerships among members of the patient’s care team and making patient information within easy reach for doctors.

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