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TechAmerica’s Elizabeth Hyman: Fed Gov’t Remains Large Market for Vendors

budget analysis reviewElizabeth Hyman, TechAmerica Foundation executive vice president, says the federal market remains a viable option for government contractors even with forecasts of tighter spending in federal defense and civil information technology.

“Despite budget pressures, the federal government remains a large potential market for companies that are fully invested in it,” Hyman said Monday.

She cited a new TechAmerica report that sees challenges against new opportunities for the sector in the long term and urges IT companies to focus efforts on cybersecurity and technology transition, transformation and migration.

“Cloud computing, mobility and information sharing still face cultural and security issues,” added Vision Strategic Forecast Council Chair Robert Haas.

“This is where industry can assist government customers.”

The full Vision Federal Market Forecast report was presented at the ongoing 50th Annual Vision Conference in Falls Church, Virginia.

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