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U.S. Army Wants Fresh GPS Tech; Kevin Coggins Comments

Kevin-CogginsThe U.S. Army is seeking to build new positioning, navigation and timing technologies in a move to counter threats from enermy global positioning system jamming capabilities, C4ISR & Networks reported Friday.

Joe Gould writes the Army is exploring the potential of atomic clocks, platform distribution PNT and inertial navigation systems to develop the positioning system under the Assured PNT program.

Kevin Coggins, product director for positioning, navigation and timing at Aberdeen Proving Ground, told the publication that his office plans to award a contract in 2015 for the production of PNT.

Coggins’ office is eyeing Raytheon, L3 and Rockwell Collins as potential vendors for the military GPS program, according to the report.

Under the platform distribution PNT option, military users will be able to access a single PNT receiver mounted on a vehicle, Gould reports.

The Army also wants to combat threats to PNT by adopting a small atomic clock and the service plans to integrate those technologies into a pseudolite to transmit signal to a unit’s receiver, C4ISR & Networks reports.

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