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Vice Adm. Bill Moran: Navy Eyes Changes to Attract, Retain Skilled Personnel

William-MoranVice Adm. William Moran, the U.S. Navy‘s chief of naval personnel, believes the service needs to adopt a flexible manning approach and pay structure in order to engage service members, Defense News reported Monday.

He told Defense News in a recent interview the branch has been offering monetary incentives as part of an effort to grow its maritime warfighters, according to the article by Vago Muradian.

Moran said he goes to the Command Leadership School in Rhode Island monthly and coach students to be a good commanding officer.

“I try to talk to them more about the good things that are going on out there, arm them for what could happen if you let your position and your authority go to your head,” he told the publication.

He also aims to redesign the service’s compensation and retirement system for the branch to retain personnel with a diverse skill set.

“I would like to see it change to provide lower-echelon commanders more opportunity to decide where their quality is and how you keep that quality,” he added, according to Muradian’s article.

Moran noted the Navy is exploring new salary and incentive models in different career and mission programs.

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