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White House Awards $450M in Training Grants to 270 Community Colleges

mentorThe White House has awarded $450 million in grants to nearly 270 community colleges across the U.S. to develop education and career training programs for job seekers in concert with employers.

The grantees will partner with Exxon-Mobil, IBM, Delta, Jetblue, CVS and Habitat for Humanity, among others, under the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training program, the White House said Sunday.

The program, co-administered by the Labor and Education departments, aims to help job seekers acquire skills that match the demands of various industries such as information technology, healthcare, energy and manufacturing through internship and apprenticeship programs.

Fourteen community colleges from across Maryland have received $15 million in grants to develop information technology and cybersecurity training programs in partnerships with IBM, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Rockwell Collins, Booz Allen and Medstar.

The Delgado Community College also received $2.5 million to train participants on energy and advanced manufacturing jobs.

The Cape Cod Community College has teamed up with the U.S. Coast Guard, Camp Edwards Army National Guard, two industry associations and the MA Department of Workforce Development to initiate a new aviation maintenance job training program.

The White House also awarded $2.5 million to Ivy Tech Computing and Informatics School in Indiana to launch new IT programs beginning in fall.

Six Kentucky community colleges have teamed up to develop five new IT degrees in the computer and medical fields under a $10 million grant and Richland College received $3.2 million to offer supervisory control, data acquisition and electromechanical maintenance programs.

The Labor Department has also released $2 million in grants to train youths with disabilities.

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