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AIA’s Marion Blakey Presses Congress for Omnibus Bill

Marion Blakey
Marion Blakey

Marion Blakey, president and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association, has called on congressional leaders to prevent the passage of another stopgap funding measure instead of an omnibus bill, Defense News reported Monday.

John Bennett writes Congress needs to pass a government-wide spending bill for the 2015 fiscal year before a continuing resolution expires on Dec. 11.

“As you know, a continuing resolution does not provide federal agencies with the flexibility to meet changing and urgent needs — needs that can be considered and accommodated in an omnibus bill,” Blakey wrote to House and Senate leaders.

AIA believes a short-term emergency funding bill “causes unnecessary delays,” according to the report.

The organization also wrote a continuing resolution will cripple the Defense Department‘s work to address global threats, Defense News reports.

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