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Air Force Researchers Develop 3D Technology for Aircraft, Ground Communications

research and development RDThe U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory has built a three-dimensional audio system that aims to improve speech clarity and communication in multitalker environments.

AFRL’s battlespace acoustics organization designed the 3D technology to produce a sound environment that can imitate the human body’s method of receiving auditory signals, the Air Force said Sunday.

Dr. Brian Simpson, a technical adviser at the AFRL Battlespace Acoustics Branch, said the lab seeks to improve safety of flight operations through the technology.

“Even highly trained pilots who are used to listening to multiple channels can benefit from this technology, and the more complex the environment the greater this benefit will be,” Simpson added.

The Air Force and PS Engineering signed a licensing agreement that gives the company exclusive rights to integrate the branch’s 3D multitalker platform into the firm’s aircraft digital audio control product.

AFRL believes the technology has the potential for use in air traffic management and command and control of unmanned vehicles.

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