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Andy Walker: DOE Researchers Create Geospatial Renewable Energy Analysis Tool

solarpowerResearchers at the U.S. Energy Department have produced an interactive application that seeks to help federal agencies analyze cost-effectiveness data for renewable energy projects, GCN reported Monday.

Patrick Marshall writes the FEMP Screening Map is designed to analyze the feasibility of multiple solar power technologies in a given U.S. location and potential savings throughout the system’s lifecycle.

DOE’s Federal Energy Management Program and National Renewable Energy Laboratory collaborated to develop the geospatial analytics tool.

“I think of it as math between maps,” said Andy Walker, NREL principal engineer, according to the publication.

Walker believes the app could also help agencies attain renewable energy usage goals, according to Marshall’s article.

GCN reports agency researchers gathered and combined datasets from a map of U.S. utility rates and fuel price increase rates provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology‘s applied economics office.

Walker and his teammates plan to add wind power and other renewable energy sources to the map.


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