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DigitalGov Updates Backend Analytics Framework for Gov’t Website Click Data

digital governmentDigitalGov has updated its backend analytics framework in an effort to help government agencies visualize real-time search and click data on their websites.

Ammie Feijoo, manager of General Services Administration‘s DigitalGov Search, wrote in a blogpost published Wednesday that DigitalGov was able to analyze click-through rates on search results across various government websites using the Elasticsearch ELK stack.

Click data for October 2014 indicates an organic Web result accounted for 60 percent of searches users clicked and 92 percent of these clicks landed on page 1 and 6 percent on page 2, DigitalGov says.

One percent of clicks landed on pages three and four and the rate continues to fall on the latter pages.

Nearly 50 percent of searchers that clicked on page one results clicked on the top-listed result.

DigitalGov displays click rates and data according to the searcher’s top query terms, top clicked URLs, month and module and best bet drilldowns.

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