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DOE’s Don Adcock: IT Service Mgmt Can Be Innovation, Advancement Tool

Donald Adcock
Donald Adcock

Don Adcock, acting chief information officer at the Energy Department, has called on information technology leaders in government to consider the opportunities IT service management could bring to their operations, Fedscoop reported Thursday.

Greg Otto writes that the official, who spoke at a ServiceNow forum earlier this week, said ITSM and other similar tools provide CIOs an extra layer of capability to getting the job done — managing assets, the workforce and facilities.

“It’s time we get back to the table and show them that we understand the mission and use tools like this to show them how we can drive change and innovation,” Adcock was quoted as telling audiences Wednesday.

“We need to be using the tools to track our enterprise that gets to the data and exposes it in ways that are very helpful,” he added.

Adcock’s keynote speech highlighted his work in developing the IMPACT challenge, which calls on anyone at the Energy Department to come up with new ways to use the ServiceNow ITSM platform.

He told Fedscoop that the exercise harnesses the “true power” of the suite at the enterprise level in a way that encourages innovation and advancement.

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