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Michael Donley Asks Congress, DoD to Focus on Budget and Readiness

Michael Donley
Michael Donley

Michael Donley, a former secretary of the U.S. Air Force, has called on Congress and Defense Department to pay attention to current requirements for readiness, operations and modernization.

Donley said in an op-ed for Defense News published Monday the DoD must focus on its priorities and size requirements for the U.S. armed forces.

He believes the U.S. needs to bolster readiness, modernize military capabilities, further international exercises with NATO and Pacific allies and maintain land troops for crisis response operations.

“Finding the right mix of active duty, guard and reserve forces will be key,” Donley wrote.

Donley added the DoD needs the collaboration between senior military and civilian leaders to “present a compelling, strategy-driven rationale for its priorities.”

“Congress would be most helpful if its leadership and relevant military oversight committees could produce consensus with DoD on strategic priorities,” he said.

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