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Office of Naval Research Demos Simulation Training System; Peter Squire Comments

virtual trainingThe Office of Naval Research has demonstrated a simulation-based virtual training system in Virginia, where U.S. marines trained in the field using augmented reality effects.

The Augmented Immersive Team Trainer transmitted computer-generated display and effects to a video see-through display during last week’s testing at Lejeune Field at Marine Corps Base Quantico, the U.S. Navy said Monday.

“This is true augmented reality: the system knows where you are in the real world and is able to accurately place other objects in that environment and keep them there, which has been a major challenge for other systems,” said Peter Squire, ONR program manager.

Ground troops will be able to turn a certain location into a training environment using the system, the Navy says.

ONR plans to transition the technology to an optical see-through display and the program is scheduled for transfer to the U.S. Marine Corps in the fall of 2015 for further development.

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